Your opportunity to influence the future development of ISO 9001 – the world’s most successful management system standard.

ISO/Technical Committee (TC) 176 is planning a revision to ISO 9001:2015 and they would like to obtain the views of users of ISO 9001:2015 on whether the current standard is adequate or if it should be improved. ISO/TC 176 has been giving consideration to “future concepts” for quality and would like to test the acceptability of such concepts with users for potential inclusion in the future edition of ISO 9001.
An online survey has been established in SurveyMonkey to obtain feedback. The survey consists of 20 questions and takes about 10–15 minutes to complete. This online survey gives organizations an opportunity to influence this baseline document and provide input into any “future concepts.” 
ISO/TC 176 is grateful to any users taking this survey and their assistance in publicizing and promoting it. The survey can be accessed via this link. The survey will close on 31 December 2020.

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